COLUMN: Can America get well?

Corey Carolina

America is not only sick with COVID-19, but America is suffering from being a divided nation. Our illness is generational, but right now, we are seeing it play out on a national stage.

Not only is COVID-19 spreading throughout America, but false information, hate, anger, and doubt have taken over the American republic. Many Americans have allowed themselves to be pitted against their own families. Our government does not look like a functional body. We have elected leaders who do not speak with one another, which only shows they do not serve the American people. We have a speaker of the house who has not spoken with the president in over a year.

That is not leadership on either side. The American people are hurting, and when they need their government, they are playing partisan games.

Each week during this pandemic, we see government leaders holding press conferences, blaming the other party rather than announcing the results of working together. The government is no longer in the governing business, but is in the blaming and deflecting business. In this nation, we should be able to put together more stimulus packages that help the American people.

We hear countless politicians blaming the American people for the spread of COVID-19, but most of them are not on the same page with what to do to stop the spread, and many will not show leadership and advocate measures that will actually save lives. When we hear from appointed health professionals in the White House call for an uprising in Michigan, knowing the governor was just a person targeted by potential killers, it's highly irresponsible and un-American.

Everything COVID-related has become so political, and that is dangerous. Adults have once again let this country down, and it is disheartening. Our opportunity to lead and shine is right now. This is the once-in-a-generation battle, and we are losing it because we refuse to put aside our pride and do what is right. America became a great, powerful nation by not allowing others to tell us what to do; now is not the time to be so cocky that we are unable to listen to reason and work together to stop the spread.

Americans want to get back to normal, and we can if we all work together. Over the next few months, we need the governing bodies to actually start speaking with one another for the good of Americans. The time for talking about the other side is over. America needs action.

Corey Carolina is an NSU graduate, North Tulsa entrepreneur and activist, and owner of Carolina Food Co.

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