Everyone must have heard about Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post article against Biden. It was debunked as soon as it hit the press, and five insiders at the tabloid had dubious qualms about printing the story against Biden in the first place. They published the story without verifying the facts.

According to legally blind computer repairman and Trump supporter John Paul Mac Isaac, Hunter Biden brought to his Delaware computer repair shop a notebook computer, about a year and a half ago. (Someone pointed out the young Mr. Biden was living on the opposite coast at the time.) The computer repairman claims that last summer, while restoring the hard drive, he found pornography and emails on it, which he copied and gave to Rudy Guiliani through Guiliani’s lawyer. Last year, he was subpoenaed to turn over the laptop to the FBI.

The NY Post got the story from Steve Bannon, it appears. Bannon is awaiting trial on felony charges for a whole other separate and different unrelated $25 million fraud scheme. “I thought my life would be in danger,” John Paul Mac Isaac later told The Daily Beast. “I wanted that computer out of my store.” John Paul Mac Isaac spoke of old debunked Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories that made him fear for his life.

At Logically.ai, data scientists sum up the QAnon conspiracies as being about “a deep state cabal of Satan-worshipping child traffickers and pedophiles, all supposedly part of a coordinated global effort to control every aspect of our lives, from banks to media to vaccines.” It is comforting that an unaffiliated cadre of freelance researchers are on the web, flagging contrivances intended to dupe naïve voters, by pointing to hard proof and verifiable facts. Sorting theories and facts and implications takes research skills and the presence of mind to hold onto a concept while all the facets are considered. Media sources worry about presenting complicated ideas that are easy to misinterpret.

Author David Frum tweeted, “The John Paul Mac Isaac story could not have been more obviously fake if it had been wearing dollar-store spectacles and attached plastic mustache.” Mainstream journalists are refusing to jump on the bandwagon, mostly. Too often, sensational October election-eve scandals are timed just right to raise the specter of impropriety when people are voting without "the rest of the story" unfolding in time to verify or discount. The director of National Security weighed in on Fox News, saying he was tired of the intelligence community being used to leverage political narratives. This, from a Trump loyalist? It is hard to keep track, since Trump has run through so many career intelligence leaders and fired so many inspectors general.

Trump still harps on Hillary’s emails, even though Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Betsy DeVos all sent classified or confidential emails from their private accounts, too. Trump’s obstruction of justice impeachment quid pro quo to the president of Ukraine was an attempt to flip the narrative against VP Biden when “there was no there there.” The presumed political upshot of Conspiracy Theory Huntergate is that an unauthenticated email infers that someone in Ukraine thanked Hunter for offering him a meetup with Joe Biden. So what? Where’s the landmine? Joe Biden meets with thousands of people every day.

A good law school essay question would be to compare "thanks for offering to let me meet your dad" with Donald Trump Jr.’s and Jared Kushner’s Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents who had promised Eric Trump some “dirt on Hillary” if their dad would repeal the Magnitsky Act – and Trump’s subsequent, “Russia if you’re listening, [publish] Hillary’s 30,000 emails.”

Kathy Tibbits is a Cherokee citizen, attorney, and artist living at Lake Tenkiller.

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