As I continue to watch the ridiculous circus called the impeachment hearings, I am certain we are more divided than ever.

This was something many of us saw coming over the past several months. In fact, one of my columns back in November addressed this very issue, wherein I stated the process would divide us even further as a nation. I feel as though that is coming true right before our eyes.

In the earlier column, I stated if the president or anyone else has broken a law or has done something wrong, then he should suffer whatever consequences the law allows. However, the entire process to this point has left questions of truth and sincerity to those who are in the middle, looking for an honest resolve.

Here we are, more than two months later, and Americans are seeing that the script is playing out. The vast majority of Democrats at all levels have wanted to impeach President Trump since before he even took the oath of office, with many in the House saying they would impeach him even before they had reason to do so. There are a handful of Republicans who have never supported the president who are stuck between their individual reasons and many of their constituents. Then there are Republicans who come from large portions of middle America whose constituents support the president simply because he has changed the status quo of Washington.

If you set your personal feelings for Trump aside and look at the process from a neutral angle, you can see where this case is lacking in merit. Americans don’t know if the president is guilty of a crime, because the facts don’t truly show it. Many House Democrats indicated the evidence was clear-cut, but they haven’t proved it to the satisfaction of most Americans. Without the clear-cut evidence shown to the American people, Senate Republicans were not going to move forward with a conviction.

Again, if the president or anyone else has done something wrong, he should be held accountable. While House members acted on their process of impeachment, they have failed in their role of proving wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt. You can’t hear from the prosecutors and not the defense and call it fair. That is a process done in dictatorships and communist-style governments, and Americans will not stand for it, regardless of who is on trial.

To many Americans in the middle, this particular case has been a sham from the beginning. Like it or not, many Americans see this action not being used as it was intended, but as a revenge for the outcome of an election. Even more frightening, it has set what hopefully is not going to be a precedent for future elections wherein the losing party will set out to impeach a president and then find a reason to do so.

Even more troubling for many Americans is that we are now in an election year, with the president up for another term. Several senators are running to be the Democratic nominee, and thus would potentially be running against Trump later this year. Now, they are in a potential position to vote to remove their opponent from office.

All impeachments can be considered political in nature. However, history has shown that those in the past have had more merit. Politics has gotten in the way of this one. At this point, we can jump to the end because the script is already written.

Randy Gibson is the CEO of RDG Communications Group, LLC, and the former director of the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce and the Texas State Rifle Association.

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