In his inaugural address just four short weeks ago, President Joe Biden called for unity saying it was "the path forward." Too bad his party didn't listen.

Conservatives and other independent thinkers were skeptical, and as it turns out they were proved right. Because of past patterns of behavior, the call for unity wasn't really geared toward civility and healing. Instead, the calls were simply more political rhetoric and buzzwords meant to potentially block any opposition to the goals of the new administration and congressional leadership.

What it appears was meant by the call was to "unify" with the wishes of the left and push any thoughts or ideas to the contrary out the window, bury them and never, ever, say or think of them again.

If the call to unity were sincere, this new administration and leadership would be busy moving forward with efforts to help the American people. It would be making efforts to get Americans back to work, our economy fully operational again, our children in schools, helping our elders and our veterans, and securing our nation while pushing for increases in energy security, as well as research and development of new technology.

Instead, it is back to business as usual with Donald Trump out of the way. Only, he isn't out of the way. There seems to be a need to continue to go after the man, even though the left got everything they supposedly wanted: the presidency and both the House and the Senate.

Which leads a rational thinker to wonder what the true purpose of this second impeachment is really about. Anyone can tell you impeachment is for a sitting elected official, which Trump is not. So, why bother?

Many on the left will say outright it is so Trump will be ineligible to run for office again. If Biden won by 10 million-plus votes, then why the concern? Others will say he caused the break-in on Jan. 6. However, the transcript of his speech says otherwise. Anyone who looks at the circumstances and the actions leading to the events of Jan. 6 with a fair and open mindset has to conclude Trump cannot be held accountable for the unlawful actions of others, no more than Maxine Waters, former President Obama, President Biden, or the others can be held accountable for the things they have said in the past. To be fair, if one is to hold Trump accountable, then the others must be held accountable and held to the same standards. The precedent being set is a dangerous one for future elected officials.

To many looking at the actions from an unbiased viewpoint, this impeachment is nothing more than political showboating and continuing the venomous hatred toward Trump. In fact, many view it as a way to discourage any "outsider" from ever challenging the Washington establishment again.

Congressional Democrats have already filed bills and resolutions that will further divide the country, and many of Biden's executive orders are obviously aimed at furthering a leftist agenda without regard to input or comments by conservative colleagues or their constituents.

We have been lectured that if unity is to be the path forward, then civility and healing are the means by which we will arrive. With the impeachment, along with the other actions in the first month of the new administration and Congress, then civility and healing will continue to be absent, and unity is nothing more than a remembrance of a nation from long ago.

Randy Gibson is the CEO of RDG Communications Group, LLC, and the former director of the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce and the Texas State Rifle Association.

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