In the spring, people clean up homes, yards and other areas in a yearly event referred to as "spring cleaning." It is a time to refresh, declutter and refocus and prepare for summer months.

Sometimes, it is good for our thoughts to have a "spring cleaning," as our lives are filled with millions of impressions and news about things happening around the world.

Lately, there have been many issues that bring questions, any one of which could be the focus for a discussion on its own. As someone who is basically a conservative and supports the rights of everyone, there are thousands of questions spinning around in my heads at any given time that I do not understand, yet I have friends who would make some of the issues a hill on which they would die to defend. Some of these questions relate to issues that absolutely drive conservatives insane.

For example, why would CBS, a supposed professional and respected news organization, come out and say 85 percent of Americans approved of President Biden's speech last week when they surveyed 510 Democrats, 169 Republicans and 235 independents? That methodology would not pass a journalism research class project, as it is not a true sampling of Americans. Yet it is being promoted by a major national news network and repeated by others.

Another is the issue of gun control. Conservatives repeatedly ask why current gun laws are not enforced, but the call for more that will affect law-abiding citizens, but not criminals, continues. To a conservative, the fact that we have laws that are not enforced, but saying we need to have more that will be used to threaten someone who will do no harm to anyone, but will do nothing to stop crime, is completely asinine.

Speaking of crime, let's turn to the border issue. Why is it acceptable to want to be like European nations, but as an American, I cannot go there without a passport and must have permission to go to school or work there? Along with that, why is it wrong for Americans to want people who wish to come here to do so legally, and if they enter illegally, why should they be given full citizenship rights - including the right to vote and elect government officials? Also, why is it wrong to want border walls, yet officials complaining about border walls surround themselves with walls and barricades to keep out those who should not be in their area without permission?

Another question is why many liberals preach that we need to be kind and accepting to everyone, regardless of their beliefs, race, gender, etc., but feel it is appropriate to call Sen. Tim Scott an "Uncle Tim," playing on the name "Uncle Tom," a derogatory term for someone - particularly an African American person. Regarding Sen. Scott's speech last week, why was it wrong for him to say America in general is not a racist country, but it was acceptable for Vice President Kamala Harris to say the same thing the next day?

These and many other questions drive conservatives crazy. Oh, I can't say that. Let's instead say that we clearly do not understand the answers to these questions.

Perhaps the best thing would be to lead by example, communicate, and respect one another while also respecting our rights granted by the Constitution. If we did that, though, what would we discuss in the news and on social media? That is a question to which I would like to find out an answer.

Randy Gibson is the CEO of RDG Communications Group, LLC, and the former director of the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce and the Texas State Rifle Association.

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