COLUMN: My nose was runny

Sandy Turner

I'm ready for the heat to go away. It seemed hotter than usual this summer, and I'm tired of not being able to cover up the weight I've gained. I'm blaming it on the constant COVID concerns as to why my jeans no longer fit.

I've noticed a new trend with the younger crowd of wearing crop tops under their winter coats. This seems a tad aggressive, as far as being prepared for a swing in temperature, but apparently this generation has a high tolerance for skin exposure to the temperatures as they still can't seem to keep their britches pulled up to where they're supposed to be. Wouldn't it make more sense to use a belt to keep their pants up instead of having to hold them up with one hand? What happens if they need to use the hand holding them up?

So here we are, heading into another winter with germs which seem to be getting scarier by the day. It feels like they're naming variants of the COVID faster than I can keep track. I've decided to put us on a vitamin regime of D3, C and Zinc. I've never been a vitamin taker, but what can it hurt at this point.

Trying to keep the germs at bay, I decided to start using a neti pot. Basically it's a rinsing of the nose. It's no easy task, but again, this is a method being suggested to rinse out the nasty airborne body wrecker. The instructions seemed simple enough. Using the little teapot, pour saline solution through one nostril and it will come out the other. After nearly drowning myself, I got it done and finished getting ready for a meeting that evening.

An hour later, when I reached down to pick up my paperwork, a flood of solution started pouring out of my nose, just minutes before meeting a prospective new client, who I was trying to impress. Now that would be quite the first impression, while introducing myself, fluid is running out my nose. I spent the entire evening with my head slightly tilted upward, just in case it decided to drain again. I'm sure they thought I either had a crick in my neck or was trying desperately to see out of my bifocals.

It's a strange time we're living in now. Families are struggling to find the answers to their questions. Lines are being drawn between the vaccinated and those choosing not to get the jab, or two, maybe three. As much as America boasts on the freedoms we have, to do what makes us happy, from being able to choose our religion to gender, you would think we could have more respect for those who don't make the same decision as ourselves.

Only time will tell how we get rid of this virus, in the meantime, the neti pot reminded me of a joke.

My nose was runny, my honey thought it was funny, but it's snot.

Sandy Turner is a mom, grandma, former caretaker and retired journalist living in Missouri.

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