Prior to 2020, I could not have commented on the difference between voting by machine and voting by a mail-in ballot. However, following the 2020 elections, we have all become experts in the area of mail-in balloting and how open to fraud such a system is.

The states of Oklahoma and New York are examples of that difference. I am and have been a precinct official myself in Oklahoma for the past 19 years, which gives me insight into how our system works. The voting machines used in Oklahoma are incorruptible and secure, while the mail-in ballot system exemplified by New York is very unsecure. This new emphasis on mail-in balloting has been forced on us by hysterical and power-mad politicians using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to create a voting system the left has craved for decades.

A machine, in-person voting system - and especially one like Oklahoma uses that has both an electronic and a paper record - is nearly impossible to spoof or violate in any way. People are required to positively identify themselves with a valid ID to vote, and their vote is recorded on a machine isolated from the internet, with a back-up paper ballot also collected. The results of all elections in Oklahoma are, by law, posted publicly by the election officials at the voting precinct before the election officials are allowed to leave the voting place. The machines and the paper ballots are then taken immediately by an election official to the county office and an audit of the vote is conducted before the official delivering the ballots is allowed to leave the office. There is a clear chain of custody of all ballots and votes from start to finish. From my perspective, the Oklahoma officials who planned and implemented this voting system deserve nothing but praise.

The mail-in ballot system used in New York is fraught with opportunities to commit fraud in the election process. The ballots can be collected and put into the mail system by anyone who wants to engage in that activity. The ballots go into the mail system in bulk, then move through the system and are delivered to where they are counted. What we saw happen in 2020 may have been fraud in the collection of ballots, in moving them through the mail system, and in the counting and posting of the results. There was no systemic or widespread fraud, but what happened demonstrated conclusively that such fraud is easy to commit and can happen almost without detection.

Comparing those two systems of voting, why would anyone want to force the country into a mail-in ballot voting system like that used in New York, as opposed to an in-person system like that use in Oklahoma? I cannot read people's minds, only judge them by what they demand that the rest of us agree to do. Whenever something is hidden and distraction used, I get concerned.

Dr. Jonathan C. Jobe, of Crescent Valley, is a retired educator and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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