How you view the Presidency of Donald Trump depends entirely on whether you look at him emotionally or factually.

If you believe him to be the Anti-Christ, a re-born Hitler, a reincarnated Chairman Mao, then everything about his presidency is offensive to you. For such people, the only response to the Trump presidency is to undermine and cancel everything he did and everyone who was associated with him.

I can understand people feeling that way, but being ruled by emotions rather than by facts only makes you look stupid. Also, if you believe Trump is the re-incarnation of Lincoln, Washington, Reagan, and Teddy Roosevelt all rolled together, you are just as delusional as are your opponents. He is a very flawed man driven by an enormous ego, is brash and has a big mouth – all of which are a perfect description of a real estate hustler from Queens, New York. He is also a successful businessman, and what this country craved after eight years of Obama’s know-nothing government and a president who seemed to bow to everyone else, was someone who cared about this country and about them, and who bowed to no one. Those are the emotional arguments surrounding the presidency of Donald Trump.

As for the facts, he took a struggling economy and set it on fire by reducing regulations and rules that put brakes on the economy and accomplished nothing else. He took us out of damaging trade agreements and renegotiated our deals with other countries. He stemmed the tide of refugees Obama had encouraged to enter the country through our porous southern border. He repaired the old and built anew the wall that keeps drugs and illegal immigrants from flooding into the country from the South. He pulled our troops out of places they weren’t needed and started no new wars. He reduced unemployment in all sectors of the population, and wages began to increase for the first time in many years, with those at the bottom benefiting the most. He rebuilt a military which had been gutted.

Donald J. Trump is, in my opinion, a big-mouthed jackass, but I didn’t vote for him because I liked him. In fact, I find a lot of his behavior and the things he says offensive. I voted for him because I wanted someone to go to Washington and clean up the mess we have there. That was what he tried to do, and that is why all of the elites in the government, the media, the tech giants, China and others combined to make sure he was not re-elected. And they were successful in convincing a simple majority of the country to remove him.

That is a synopsis of the Presidency of Donald John Trump, from where I sit. Will he run again for the Presidency in 2024? I don’t know any more than you do, but like you, I can speculate.

Dr. Jonathan C. Jobe, of Crescent Valley, is a retired educator and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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