Social media has given those with an opinion a vehicle to share it. In some cases, it is incredible, and in other cases, it can be deadly.

We have all seen comments at the end of news articles that are vile, racist, and sexist. I have seen recent articles about trending topics, and just reading the comments section exposes the unfiltered moods, ideas, and sentiments of so many Americans. It is disheartening that comments from "Christians" are sometimes the harshest.

I have seen Christians call out women by their names and advocate for violence against them. I have also seen Christians make racist and demeaning comments to people who are not like them, and even advocate violence.

I am not without sin, but I do try to treat others with respect, even when I do not agree with them.

It so hard to continue to have hope for the future when the people raising the future leaders of our country are bigoted, racist, sexist, and just not nice people in certain situations. I am given comfort that these individuals are a small fraction of our overall population. Love will always prevail over hate. The same people who are quick to comment on a topic negatively are similar to other people throughout history who had the same thoughts and feelings.

Some people just want to see how their comments will upset others, so they try to drop a bomb and create an argument. This kind of behavior is childish. I would rather see more Americans use social media platforms to exchange ideas civilly, whether they agree or not, without name-calling.

As families and friends enter the holiday season, there is a potential for being torn apart if they allow their political views to outshine their similarities. Let's all try to be the better person over the holiday season, and treat others with respect and show one another that we are not trying to take others down.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Corey Carolina is an NSU graduate, North Tulsa entrepreneur and activist, and owner of Carolina Food Co. He is also an author.

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