Like many others, I am tired of hearing about pandemics, masks, proper treatment and massive death tolls or lack thereof. Stuck at home, many have been under a constant news barrage of fear and no hope for humankind to survive.

This constant coverage of despair has left many fearful to go enjoy the outdoors, even in their own yards. While I take all diseases seriously and take proper precautions, I have not liked the total fearmongering that has been a bigger plague to the world than the virus itself.

I consider myself a law-abiding citizen and try to be obedient in keeping and upholding the constitutionally sound laws of the land. However, I have been bothered by all of the proposed rules and regulations in this situation and have found myself in a role I am not quite accustomed to playing: the role of the rebel.

I have figured out my disdain for this and other situations. It is the moral narcissistic behavior of so many in politics and entertainment, along with their groupies who follow them.

With the election of President Trump in 2016, Americans proved they were angry at an establishment that showed contempt for the American way of life. This has caused more contempt from the progressive left, which in turn has caused more anger from millions of voters to the right of center as well as many free-thinking swing voters.

In the political world, it’s not just one-sided, either. Valiant members of all parties follow lock-step in line, spouting the talking points as written without regard to logic or open-mindedness.

One example we have been seeing recently is the ever-present mask, that new piece of wardrobe that has been given equal billing in many places as non-optional clothing and attire. I expect to soon be seeing signs at entrances reading "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask, No Service."

What is really irritating however, is the opinion of some who consider themselves as more caring, more understanding, and better members of society as they publicly sport their face-coverings with pride while lecturing those who do not have them. Then, like was shown by several broadcast reporters on more than one occasion, they quickly remove them when the cameras have stopped rolling.

Other state and city leaders are forcing businesses to close and keeping people in their homes while they go out to their own hair stylists because, as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot stated, they are “the face of the city.” These individuals have no problem making ordinances and rules that apply to the common person but somehow are exempt from their own requirements.

Environmentalism is another issue where this behavior is prevalent. Many travel the world in private aircraft with an entourage of SUVs escorting them to a venue to discuss the virtues of environmental protection efforts.

Another example is gun control. Politicians and millionaires lecture us about the fact that we have no need for firearms while they are surrounded by personal armed bodyguards, often at the expense of the American taxpayers.

Americans are fed up with being told how to think and act by those in a preconceived power position who refuse to adhere to their own recommendations. It is for that reason we have seen the pushback in many cities and states, even known liberal places such as California and Boston.

If America is to ever become even partially united, those on both sides who promote certain agendas need to stop with the moral narcissism and begin leading by example.

Randy Gibson is the CEO of RDG Communications Group, LLC, and the former director of the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce and the Texas State Rifle Association.

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