Jonathan C. Jobe

Since I write from the Right, I think it appropriate that I talk about the radicals on the Left. Besides, the radicals on the Left are far more amusing and entertaining than those on the Right.

In 2016, the Democrat Party was crushed by Republicans and Independents, and one result of that defeat was Republicans taking control of the House, the Senate and the presidency for nearly the first time in my life - I think the last time that happened was when Eisenhower was president. But Republican politicians are cowards and squandered that advantage due to poor leadership. As a result, the House returned to the Democrat Party in 2018.

Because the backlash against Republicans was so severe, there were several new House members elected who are not just radical Socialists, they are also people who have stated loudly and boldly that they hate this country and everything it stands for. Along with them, many hateful and vindictive Democrats were returned to office in districts where their leaders said "a two-by-four could have been elected" because they were so profoundly ,liberal and secure. And, all of these people are hell-bent on punishing the Republicans and the nation for daring to replace them as the majority for even one term.

Despite being a very small minority in the House, the newly-elected radicals have from the start been setting the agenda in the areas of the ecosystem, monetary policy, foreign affairs, gun ownership and everything else for that body. They have consistently proposed legislation that is designed to strip citizens of their constitutionally-guaranteed rights, in favor of a complete takeover by the government of all facets of the lives of citizens. At the same time, they have attempted to browbeat, threaten, and even attack into silence anyone who dares to disagree with them in any way. They have employed harassment, lies, and even threats of violence, while they claim for themselves protection from any criticism of them as dangerous, threatening, and hurtful.

I'm not much on guessing the future normally, but I predict that because of the abject stupidity being displayed by the Democrats since 2018, not only will Donald Trump be re-elected in November 2020, the Republicans will hold the Senate - and maybe even increase their numbers - and they will also retake the House. Then, we will all find out whether the Republicans learned anything from being only recently returned to power. If they learned anything at all, some, many, or most of the Democrat idiocy of the past few years will be overturned. If they learned nothing, the Democrats will retake the House in 2022, and we will all get what we deserve.

Dr. Jonathan C. Jobe, of Crescent Valley, is a retired educator and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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