When something has been done the same way for centuries, and no one has had a problem with the process before, why would it suddenly turn into a bone of contention?

It doesn't make sense - yet that is precisely what's happening to the U.S. presidential race. Nary a day goes by that President Trump doesn't tweet his victory, despite evidence to the contrary. Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden encourages patience and tolerance, as well he should. The country doesn't need two men duking it out on a global stage in a quest for power, like popes and emperors have done in the past.

The puzzling part is not that Trump has refused to concede; that's part and parcel of who he is. Nor is it surprising that he and his supporters have dispatched a battery of lawyers to swing states in an attempt to stop the ballot count or claim fraud without proof. It's embarrassing for the rest of the public, but not unexpected. And Trump does have the right to seek "redress" in whatever way he deems appropriate.

What lifts many eyebrows - and smacks of hypocrisy - is the insistence by some that "the media" is trying to determine the outcome of the election. That's little more than a byproduct of Trump's incessant campaign against "fake news," some of which he himself spreads. "The media" is not trying to twist results to their liking, especially since many employed by these entities voted for Trump themselves. They are merely looking at counts provided by state officials, doing the math, and reporting what they see. And if they see evidence of fraud, they'll be trampling one another to be the first to report it.

This has always been how it has worked. The apparent outcome is reported based on numbers, under the assumption no fraud has been committed. Why would the media embrace allegations of fraud as fact, with no evidence? Doing so could push them dangerously close to the edge of libel or slander.

Labeling Democrats criminals, and the media as complacent, is laughable at best, an outrage at worst. When the media "called it" for Trump back in 2016, no one seemed to mind, although Democrats may have muttered angrily about what they deemed an injustice, since Trump didn't win the popular vote. But now, a time-honored tradition has been shunted aside by those who cannot believe a large swath of the electorate would have the audacity to deny their hero a second term.

Most people, when they run for office, promise to serve all constituents - Republicans, Democrats and anyone else. But GOP officials who accuse the entire Democratic Party of malfeasance make it obvious they have no intention of representing those who voted for someone else. The same would be true were the shoe on the other foot, and Republicans being lambasted wholesale. And politicians like South Carolina's Lindsay Graham who seek to sway counts in other states should be mortally ashamed. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

On Dec. 14, 2020, the Electoral College will make its decision, and according to the numbers, Biden will be sworn in on Jan. 20, 2021. Some "Americans" have made it clear they won't accept him as president, and ironically, many are the ones who said, "Get over it!" to those who didn't want to acknowledge Trump. These hypocrites ought to stop and think about how their friends and neighbors view their attitudes - and even more importantly, how the rest of the world sees it.

Are we going to be the "United States" in name but not substance? Only the malcontents know for sure.

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