In summer 2019, the Tahlequah Daily Press added a new feature to the front page of our weekend edition. Many readers have told us it adds a valuable facet, mainly because it often reveals things they don't know about people they thought they did know.

Lately, a few people have inquired as to how they – or someone they deem interesting – can be a Quick 5 profile. We always point out that Quick 5 is not intended to be a full-length feature – just a vignette with highlights about the subject's life. Many people who wind up in Quick 5 have been in the news previously, because for the most part, they have been area residents who have made meaningful contributions to the community.

We've also taken suggestions to heart. We added a Quick 5 to our Wednesday digital edition, featuring the area's "protectors." We started by profiling Tahlequah Police Department officers, and are now going through deputies with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department. Next up will be firefighters – and the list goes on. Another suggestion we followed has been appreciated by folks who normally don't peruse the sports pages. One weekend a month, we've been spotlighting a local coach or athletic director. This is especially valuable now that coaches are struggling so mightily to keep their programs intact during the pandemic.

The key to the success of the weekend Quick 5 is knowing enough about the subject to ask pertinent questions. Features of this nature in other newspapers may ask the same five questions of every subject, and that's how we do it with the protectors. But with the weekend Quick 5, we tailor our questions to the subjects. The questions focus on traits, accomplishments, hobbies, history or projects with which he or she has been involved. The person is expected to answer each question in 50-60 words, although if some answers are shorter, we'll give more leeway on others. As long as the total number of words doesn't exceed about 325, we're good to go. We've had to work for several hours on some submissions recently, so we ask that upcoming profile subjects pay attention to the limit.

Quick 5 is intended to be a positive element to give recognition to folks who have done so many positive things. The editing we do here is minimal; we ask that respondents pare down their answers and provide them as they'd like them to appear in the paper. We will edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation and to conform to journalism style. We also ask each person to include with his or her answers a preferred facial photo, plus any suggestions on matter we may not have covered.

With the number of noteworthy residents as high as it is, we're confident we can keep the ball rolling for years. We are also open to suggestions, so if you know someone who has lived full-time in this area for a while; who is involved in and has made definitive contributions to the community; who possesses a unique talent; and-or who will make an interesting feature, let us know and we will see about doing it. If we don't know the person, you'll need to suggest questions.

Selections are at the discretion of the TDP news staff, and these are not to be viewed as self-promotional materials. In other words, the fact that a business owner is running a great sale, or a woman has just become a grandmother, or an individual is seeking political office, isn't enough to merit Quick 5.

Email suggestions to, along with contact information, and we will follow up.

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