The dramatic evolution of social media has caused confusion among the population about what is fact and what is opinion - and newspapers have had to conform to make clear the delineation. But a selection of local, state and national opinions are as important to readers as they've ever been, which is why readers have noticed a surge in local contributions. More additions are on the horizon, and that could mean more responses to various columns. That's why it's important that the Tahlequah Daily Press stresses its policy for Readers Forum - what in the past was referred to as "letters to the editor."

The TDP publishes a wide range of opinions, from staff-written editorials to columns. Politically, these range from liberal to conservative to everything in between. Randy Gibson, whom we consider the local expert on Second Amendment issues, is our most recent addition; his column is published on Wednesdays. Three or four more features should arrive within the next few months - including, we hope, a point-counterpoint by two fellows who formerly undertook the task for us, and a local column from a Libertarian perspective.

Keep in mind that opinions expressed by columnists, local or otherwise, do not necessarily reflect those of TDP, its staff, or its parent company, CNHI. Furthermore, the opinions of individual TDP staffers should not be gauged by "house editorials." Those are not unanimous opinions, but rather those discussed by various members of the news staff, often in concert with community members in an advisory capacity. In fact, we are reforming our editorial advisory board - a group we've had in place from time to time that often needs new members as others find other things to occupy their time.

TDP welcomes letters to the editor, but there are a few rules. Personal attacks unrelated to issues or material appearing on the Opinion page are usually disqualified. Publication is not guaranteed. Any letter must be signed and include the address and phone number of the writer. Names will not be withheld for publication. We reserve the right to edit all letters for clarity, profanity, potentially libelous content and to meet space limitations. Letter writers should try to keep it to 400 words or less. We generally do not publish letters from outside the area, unless they pertain to issues affecting this area, or the writer is a former resident and/or current subscriber of TDP. Lengthy thank-you lists will not be published as letters, nor will letters concerning political candidates shortly before the election.

Email us at Check it out, and letting us know what you think.

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