From time to time, a name published in the court report or another crime story causes consternation among a certain segment of the population. This usually happens when a person has the same name as another one charged with a crime – especially if it happens to be a parent-and-child similarity.

The Daily Press has always been willing to clarify who's who in these situations. In pre-COVID times, there was a process that involved the individual who wants his or her name "cleared" coming to the TDP office. Since that isn't possible at the moment, we've come up with another solution.

If you see a report with a person whose name is the same as or similar to yours, these steps will be followed:

• Make a copy of your driver's license or other proof of identification, and scan it into a computer so it can be attached to an email. Many people try to get us to make clarifications even when they are, indeed, the person in question, so we must have proof.

• Email the documentation to Keri Thornton, at Include information that will let the reader know the difference between you and the accused. For example: "The Joe Blow arrested for shoplifting is not the Joe B. Blow who is a door-to-door salesman." An address, place of employment, or middle name are the best identifiers.

• Keri will check your evidence against court records, and if you really aren't the person accused of a crime, we will publish the clarification, as above. If the name appeared only in the Daily Log, the clarification will appear in the next Daily Log after ID is determined. If it appeared in a Sheriff's Beat or Police Beat, the clarification will be in a separate box.

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