The U.S. immigration debate is but one example. And only 24 percent of like voters think that President Trump and congressional Democrats can get anything done, according to a May 2019 Rasmussen Reports poll.

Republican Tom Cole, who represents the 4th Congressional District, has been talking about the immigration debate at our southern border for long time.

Fortunately, the Democratic-controlled House voted Thursday to send Trump a bipartisan, $4.6 billion measure drafted by the Senate to care for migrant refugees at our southern border

"While I wish agreement had been reached before funds were nearly exhausted, I am relieved that both chambers of Congress did approve the desperately needed aid requested by President Trump to manage the humanitarian crisis at the southern border," Cole said. "Certainly, members on both sides of the aisle are committed to caring for the vulnerable families and children arriving. As we monitor and manage the ongoing crisis in the days ahead, I hope Republicans and Democrats will continue to work together to ensure we can confront the situation effectively and compassionately. Especially in divided government, this is essential."

Considering all the recent gridlock, It's remarkable that Congress was able to pass humanitarian aid for migrant children with such speed.

Congressman Cole is right: Let's try to seek common ground on issues that are divisive and work to at least get something done.

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