Bible readers are familiar with the story of Moses, and how he ascended the mountain to receive the tablets with the Ten Commandments from God. While the cat was away, the mouse began to play - and the "stiff-necked" people threw all their jewelry and precious metals into a vat, thus giving Aaron the fodder to mold a golden calf. Thereafter, the people began to worship it - and from there, things went downhill.

It's known in some circles as "idolatry," and even non-believers understand the underlying message - and they can also draw an apt comparison between that tale and what's happening with a fellow named Dr. Lance Wallnau. According to pieces in Esquire magazine and elsewhere, Wallnau is selling "Trump coins" - because God told him to do it. The coin, in fact, is Trump's reason for success, acting as sort of an intermediary - like a priest for Catholics - between regular folks and the Almighty.

Wallnau says that if you just pay $45 for this coin - and mind you, he accepts credit cards! - you can help prayerfully pave the way to Trump's re-election. No mention is made of how such activities touch upon almost all of the so-called cardinal sins: sloth, gluttony, wrath, lust, envy, pride, and most particularly, greed. And no real admission of where, precisely, the money for the Trump coin will actually wind up.

But Wallnau isn't alone in his shameless scam, churning its way through the "new swamp" that appeared when Trump drained the old one. He's just another hanger-on who will take advantage of any politician whose coat tails he can cling to - if the slime already clinging to his hands don't preclude them from maintaining grip. We see them all the time on social media, with their pleas: "Help us defeat [insert name of opposing individual, group, or court] in its/their attempts to get rid of [insert pet project or politician]."

Most Oklahomans remember Oral Roberts' demand that supporters send him money, or God would call him home. That was a blatant attempt to take advantage of well-meaning, trusting Christians. What sort of God would "murder" one of his purportedly devout servants unless that person's own followers didn't line the pockets of said servant? What sort of God nods in approval as Joel Osteen builds yet another mansion, rather than helping the "least of these" for which Christ consistently expressed concern?

Americans should become a little more discerning in terms of what they do with their disposable income. Buying a coin dedicated to Trump won't get him re-elected, and draining one's bank account for a particular cause won't determine the way a court rules in the future. "It's money that matters," as the Randy Newman song goes, and indeed it does. But when it comes to changing hearts and minds and getting things done in the political arena, votes matter so much more. Get registered, and follow through.