Editor, Daily Press:

This is an open letter to my friends in law enforcement.

It represents my personal opinion and is not meant to be critical of anyone. In recent times, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol – and more recently our local police department – has been placing vehicles in service with minimal traditional markings. The reasoning is reportedly less cost per unit, and additional safety while on patrol. I personally think a traditional black-and-white has a more calming effect on traffic than the so called ghost-marked units.

For years, a retired highway patrol car was posted on a hill overlooking the Turner Turnpike. You could see brake lights for miles as traffic slowed a bit. I am not sure about it, but I’m willing to wager that the effect of minimal marking will be additional revenue, and not more effective traffic control.

In this day and age, with the appearance of civil police departments becoming more militaristic, the familiar black-and-white is somewhat comforting. These are only my thoughts, and I will be willing to accept evidence showing otherwise.

This in no way diminishes my respect for our law enforcement people, and I respect the professional conduct we have observed from these fine folks as they perform their duties. Respectfully submitted by a retired, seasoned citizen.

Jim Masters


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