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I was just exposed to city Police Chief Nate King’s online video on Facebook regarding the imagination that the homeless are an increasing problem for Tahlequah. The image: that the chief is filled with the rhetoric of a department and a city where policy trumps message. The reality: to reso…

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Sept. 11, 2001, started out as an ordinary day. My wife had planned to hold a meeting at the Pentagon that morning. She worked in a budget position at the Defense Intelligence Agency. I was a retired "Colonel Mom" at home with our three young preschool children.

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State Question 805 is the Criminal History in Sentencing and Sentence Modification Initiative. This question is on the Nov. 3 ballot as an initiated constitutional amendment. This question's goal is to prohibit using a person's past nonviolent felony convictions to impose a more significant …

Most Americans are unaware of the contributions Native Americans have made to our many wars. The best know Native Americans are the Native American Code Talkers, but many others have served and in greater numbers than any other race.

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