Editor, Daily Press:

It is beyond me to understand why some people think cemeteries are a dump ground or party place.

Many of my family are buried at Manus Cemetery in the Welling/Briggs area. I went there recently to help clean the cemetery, and was surprised at the amount of trash that was dumped there. We found everything from an old VCR, to dozens of beer bottles and cans. In the past, even an old washer and dryer were dumped there.

Someone had even shot holes in the sign that asked for donations to help maintain the cemetery. Most of these cemeteries are maintained by donations. When donations have to be used to clean up and repair damage done by vandals, there is less that could be used for mowing.

I’m not sure if there is a solution to this problem, but perhaps people could report those who are just hanging out at cemeteries. Perhaps the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department could patrol these rural cemeteries. People who would disrespect cemeteries are not going to change unless we change them.

Ernie Briggs


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