@Letter Open, Close:Editor, Daily Press:

This is an open letter to drivers in Tahlequah and Cherokee County, as well as in Muskogee and Muskogee County.

When you stop at an intersection where there is a traffic light, please pull forward to the white line on the pavement.

Have you noticed the grooves cut into the pavement on and behind that white line? Those are sensors that see your car and trigger the light to change. If you stop back too far from the white line, the sensors will not see your car and the light will not change for a long time.

So, please, please, please pull forward to the white line. Not over the white line. Not on top of the white line. Pull forward to the line and stop. That way, the rest of us won't have to sit there behind you and hate you.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, from the bottom of my heart.

@Letter Open, Close:Dr. Jonathan C. Jobe

@Letter Open, Close:Crescent Valley

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