Editor, Daily Press:

On more than one occasion, I've noted some of your columnists have cited Democrats as having "questions of faith that will not go away," or the Sept. 1 editorial by Dr. Jobe, which asserts Democrats are "kissing butt" of the Chinese. Both articles make assertions about Democrats as a monolithic group that behaves in certain ways or holds certain beliefs. I would suggest this claim is not accurate nor is it specific to one political party.

Prior to 1972, the U.S. did not have a trading relationship with China. That year, Richard M. Nixon, a Republican, went to China, met with Chairman Mao, and the dam burst - action by a Republican "kissing butt"? In June 1981, Ronald Reagan moved to loosen trade restrictions with China, at that time an administration official noted ''to treat China as a friendly less-developed country and no longer as a member of the international Communist conspiracy.'' "Kissing butt?" Some of us are old enough remember the courageous actions of Chinese dissidents in Tiananmen Square, where they were slaughtered, and the response of George H.W. Bush, a Republican (kissing butt?) in a letter to then-Chairman Deng Xiaoping stating, "I write in the spirit of genuine friendship." Bush emphasized his outreach came "from one who believes with a passion that good relations between the United States and China are in the fundamental interests of both countries. I have felt that way for many years. I feel more strongly that way today, in spite of the difficult circumstances." He asked Deng for his help in preserving that relationship.

Now we have Donald J. Trump representing the U.S. in our affairs with China and whom, Dr. Jobe asserts, is being tough on them with his tariffs and tough talk. "Our relationship with China has now probably never, ever been better," Trump said, adding that he gets on well with President Xi Jinping. "He's for China, I'm for the U.S., but other than that, we love each other." Of course, no sentient person can deny Trump has changed the relationship with China, something that needed doing, but things have soured with the pandemic. But "the proof is in the pudding" and we see: "After reopening in late February and early March, China's factories began an export blitz that is still gaining steam. Exports soared in July to their second-highest level ever, nearly matching the record-setting Christmas rush last December. The country has grabbed a much larger share of global markets this summer from other manufacturing nations, entrenching a dominance in trade that could last long after the world begins to recover from the pandemic.... China is showing its export machine cannot be stopped -- not by the coronavirus and not by the Trump administration."

So, you can see who's in charge now: Republicans - not all, but Trump, Mitch McConnell (whose wife's family owns large portions of Chinese companies and has an inside track since she's secretary of transportation!) and the "do-nothing" Republican Senate. And we see GOP senators going to Russia, too, but that's another story. However, I'd encourage anyone interested to do an internet search and look at the pictures of the happy folks meeting in Russia - on the 4th of July, no less!

I suggest the "butt kissing" is extended by those Republicans to Russia/Putin, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and any white nationalist available. What say you, Dr. Jobe? Please cite examples.

Robert Lee


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