Editor, Daily Press:

The flooding in our area has had an impact on everyone, as disaster situations do, but such occurrences can be especially upsetting and confusing for individuals with dementia.

Thankfully, the flood waters are beginning to recede, but severe weather can occur in Oklahoma at any time. To be prepared for such events, those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia might consider enrolling the person in the Alzheimer's Association MedicAlert Safe Return, designed to assist in the return of those who get separated from their caregivers.

A few more important things to remember include insuring availability of medical records. Stay together or with a group; it only takes a moment to get lost. Do not leave the person with dementia alone.

Put together an emergency kit in a watertight container, and store it in an easily accessible location. It would be helpful to include the following: copies of important documents, such as legal papers, medication and-or a list of medications and dosages; insurance information and Social Security cards; extra sets of clothing; incontinence products; identification items, such as a ID bracelet and or labeled clothing; a spare pair of eyeglasses; a recent picture of the person with dementia; physician’s name, address, phone number, and emergency contact information for a friend or relative familiar with your loved one’s condition.

Hopefully our weather will improve and this information will not be necessary, but in the event it is needed, it is my hope it will help someone.

Nelita Cash

Alzheimer’s Ambassador OK District 2