Editor, Daily Press:

I would like to compliment the Cherokee County Health Department for its well-organized program for distributing the COVID-19 immunization. The appointment system worked well for us and is much better than the “first-come, first-served” program in other states.

My husband and I were impressed with the Health Department’s process once we arrived for our appointment. Someone checked us in and then directed us to where we were given a clipboard with information sheets to fill out.

We waited with the others in our time slot (everyone masked) in two socially distanced areas. Our temperature was taken, and after a short wait, a nurse came to us to give the injection. We were told we would need to wait 15 minutes before leaving and we received a sticky note with the time when we would be free to go. We were also told we would be contacted and given an appointment time for the second injection.

Before leaving, the nurse gave us each a COVID Immunization Card issued by the CDC that contained a record of that day’s immunization. The entire process took under an hour.

I would encourage anyone who is eligible and has not yet received an immunization to take advantage of this life-saving service and do their part in helping bring this dreaded pandemic to an end.

Sue Agnew


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