Editor, Daily Press:

At the Tahlequah City Council meeting on Sept. 3, I requested the mayor and council to assist in recovery of improper billings and collections by the Tahlequah Hospital Authority.

The audit by Eide Bailly states an estimated amount due to patients of $1,744,243. This is an estimate, since the entity did not fill the Medicare cost report. The inpatient origin for the top three zip codes are 74464, 74960, and 74441.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid by the Kaiser Health News listed Northeastern Health Systems as having been fined for five years in a row. The penalty rates are listed in the Kaiser Health Report. The president and chief executive officer is Brian K. Woodliff. The trustees are non-elected officials.

The trustee have a fiduciary responsibility to be beneficiary, which is the city of Tahlequah.

Dr. John Uzzo


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