Editor, Daily Press:

Steve Fair's recent column, "Dems oppose gerrymandering, unless it helps their party," misstates the position of former Attorney General Eric Holder and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC).

Our organization has supported the creation of independent, citizen-led redistricting committees in Michigan and Colorado, as well as reforms to make the process less partisan in Ohio, Utah, and Missouri. These reforms - in red, blue, and purple states - were on the ballot in 2018 and passed with the support of the people. The fact is that voters of all political stripes are fed up with a broken political system that gives politicians the power to pick their voters instead of letting the people choose their representatives.

The question I would pose to Oklahomans is: Why are the people in power in your state afraid of an independent redistricting process? Why do they want to keep the power to draw electoral lines in the hands of self-serving politicians?

Patrick Rodenbush, communications director

National Democratic Redistricting Committee

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