Editor, Daily Press:

It’s Veterans Day as I write, and I was glad to see the articles in the paper honoring our service people. They deserve our thanks and the recognition of their service.

I was not so glad to read the column by Steve Fair, Republican party chair for District 4. He made some good points about his party; it makes sense that his party would be the focus of the “10 lessons” from the 2020 presidential election. However, his first point was to say, “Democrats have a history of cheating.” He then goes on to refer to an election in the past century, 60 years ago, stating the cheating started then and implied it’s gone on ever since. He cites no evidence, only continues the mantra of his party that is ultimately corrosive of the public trust in our elections.

He ignores that the areas won by the Republican candidate in 2016 that made the difference were historically Democratic areas. Did the Republicans cheat? He ignores that mail-in ballots, used by many citizens, are not “discovered"; they’re just being counted. He also ignores that in 2016, with a much smaller margin of victory, the Democratic candidate did not start filing lawsuits and complaining about cheating. No, even with that much smaller margin, Hillary Clinton conceded and allowed the peaceful transfer of power to proceed; it was the right thing to do. That would be a good lesson for Republicans to learn.

A survey this week by the New York Times of election officials from all 50 states, both Republican and Democratic, found no reported evidence of election fraud or cheating. His statement is the height of hypocrisy when looking at the most recent political shenanigans pulled by the Republican-led Senate regarding Supreme Court appointments. Their dedication to not approving an appointment the year of a presidential election – a rule they made – that was so prevalent during the last election cycle evaporated this year, even after voting had already begun and shoved through less than 30 days before Election Day.

Asserting cheating from 1960 and implying it’s a problem now sure does not carry the weight of an honest broker, given their lack of dedication to their own “rules.” Further, if Democrats are cheating, they are the worst cheaters in the history of cheating. If the presidential election can be altered, why not the Senate and House?

All elections are managed by the individual states and local election boards, people we know and trust. It just seems to me the “you cheated!” charge is pretty pathetic. He should have had nine lessons and stuck to his own party. There’s plenty there for him to work with.

Robert Lee


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