Editor, Daily Press

The headlines on the front page of the June 7 issue of the Daily Press saying "Experts doubt climate change to blame for floods" would sit well with deniers of climate change - maybe bring on a warm, comfortable feeling, prompting one to say "I told you so." However, underlying this headline is a confusion regarding the difference between climate and weather.

Climate is the average of various weather statistics over a long period of time. Weather is what is happening at any given moment. The climate of a desert is arid; that of a rainforest is wet. You can get a rainy day, even a flood in a desert. However, if you want to avoid floods, where is the better place to live, in a desert or a rainforest? If you said in a desert, you are smarter than Sen. James Inhofe, who infamously brought a snowball into Senate and offered it as proof that there was no global warming.

Global climate change did not cause the recent flooding, but it does make such floods more likely. Same is true of the exceptional intensity of many recent hurricanes and deadly fires. The buildup of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere makes all such extreme weather events more likely.

George Fulk