@Letter Open, Close:Editor, Daily Press:

On a day when we were thinking of freedom, patriotism, family and community, and all that we love about our country, I was also reminded of something else that so many of us hold dear: our hometown newspaper.

I love my Tahlequah Daily Press! I know I can always catch up on what's going on around here, I can read thought-provoking editorials and guest editorials, I can look for stuff in the want ads, and I can see pictures of events and friends and community members. Of course, frequently you see stories of people doing not such good things, but that's life, too.

Years ago, when I was working at the Cherokee County Health Department, and with Help In Crisis, I knew all I had to do to let people know about our services or special activities was to put a call in to [Executive Editor] Kim Poindexter, or [News Editor] Teddye Snell, or send a news release about it for publication in the paper. If the topic warranted a special story, a reporter was dispatched, and voila! A local story emerged and was printed for all to see.

It seems to me that in our daily hometown paper, we have a perfect balance of news, celebrations and acknowledgements, opinions, good information about a great variety of things one might one to know about, advertisements and notifications about community activities. In a world where the small hometown newspaper is failing somewhere almost every day, ours is being recognized and awarded.

We have an editor, Kim Poindexter, who is an Oklahoma Press Association Hall of Fame recipient, and the Tahlequah Daily Press itself is also an award winner. So much to be proud of! In my opinion, we are so fortunate to have a paper like ours that provides us with a perfect balance, offering views both conservative and liberal, and adheres to the highest of ethical standards in its reporting.

My daily newspaper: Just another thing I love about living in Tahlequah.

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