@Letter Open, Close:Editor, Daily Press:

To the best of my knowledge, there are few, if any, "foes of undocumented immigrants" [TDP July 7 editorial] in this country, only those who believe the law should be either followed or changed, not ignored. And, swapping "undocumented" for "illegal" does not change the fact that such people are living in this country illegally, and are breaking additional laws every single day they stay.

How can we expect any different behavior in the future from people who don't care to abide by our laws at the outset? We are told all the time that these people are more honest and better in every way than the citizens of this country who abide by the law. The problem is that the scanty data available show exactly the opposite, but anyone who dares to say so is called a bigot, a racist, and a xenophobe. I must therefore be all three, since that is exactly how I see the millions of illegal immigrants in this country. It is a fine thing to have sympathy for and show charity toward the plight of others, and especially for those whose countries have gone to crap. But wouldn't it be better for them (and for us) if they stayed in their home countries and solved their own problems, rather than coming here and making their problems our problems as well?

We are the most generous country on earth and in the history of mankind, and have been solely responsible for raising the standard of living around the world. The people in countries around the world have the governments they deserve and allow, and if they don't like the leaders they have, they should then remove them - by force if necessary. That is not our concern, and we should not be involved in changing of the government in another country because that is not our business. Maybe we in this country should remember that as well.

We are a nation of immigrants and the descendants of immigrants, and have always welcomed with open arms any and all who wish to come here legally. I myself am an immigrant to this country, and as such, I love this country more than many on the left seem to do. By their words and actions, those on the left demonstrate they see only bad things in our past and hate everything about this country. Even more, they seem to hate the very people who make this country what it is: immigrants and the descendants of immigrants, which is what we all are.

Perhaps this is an example of self-loathing, and maybe they have ample reason to hate themselves, but that has little or nothing to do with what this country is, and what a majority of us hope it will continue to be: the freest and best country ever created by man.

@Letter Open, Close:Dr. Jonathan C. Jobe

Crescent Valley