Editor, Daily Press:

I am not qualified to be a mental analyst, but have lived a full life of over 90 years and have seen and observed many people with severe mental problems. Also, I have observed those, like Donald Trump, who were completely self-centered. In a recent poll, 80 percent of the respondents say Trump is self-centered.

Trump has ego and sense of self-importance issues. He has a need for praise and admiration and thinks he is the smartest. He is compelled only by his own needs and wishes, and his corruption and massive number of lies while in office are well-documented.

Some analysts contend Trump has mental problems and insist they will get worse. Alan D. Blotcky, clinical psychologist, and John M. Talmadge, clinical professor of psychiatry, the University of Texas Medical Center, on Alternet on July 15, said they believe: "Heading to the November elections, Trump's mental disorder will continue to unravel in the face of mounting pressures and stress. He will become increasingly erratic, unstable and desperate." They also claim "he will take great measures to suppress voter turnout." They say he will incite racism and culture wars.

It is easy to see why people are concerned about what Trump is capable of doing. We have never had a leader of the country so extreme, race-biased, and incompetent.

Donald Trump may or may not have mental problems. His problems may simply be his undesirable beliefs and attitudes, and his incompetence.

Edward V. Harris


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