Editor, Daily Press:

After reading Brian King's Readers' Forum letter, it is clear that he makes no effort to follow the world news at all, nor the national news. So, please let me explain.

First, none - and I mean none - of the proposed laws curbing gun ownership would in any way have prevented the mass shootings that have taken place in this country. Second, had Mr. King paid any attention to world news (other than on MSNBC and CNN), he would know that mass shootings have happened in many countries around the world. In fact, many of the very worst mass shootings that have ever occurred did so overseas.

Mr. King cites Germany, Japan and Australia as examples of countries that don't have mass shootings, but those countries have all had mass shootings, despite having outlawed their citizens' owning weapons without special, very restricted permission. All these policies do is create a citizenship that is an open target, random for indiscriminate killings, in addition to mass shootings. The citizens are also then unable to defend themselves from anything - including, especially, the government.

If Mr. King actually cared about gun violence, he would get behind efforts to better treat those among us with mental disorders, and to crack down on those who use guns to commit crimes. But of course,his apparent goal is not to stop crime, but to strip weapons from those who obey the law. That is because none of the recommendations he suggests will have any effect whatsoever on those who disobey the law, only on those who do.

My final comment is that if he so clearly despises America and Americans, perhaps he should consider immigrating to one of his Utopias: Germany, Japan or Australia. That way he can live in what he considers to be a "safe" country, unlike this one. I'm sure we can manage well without him.

Dr. Jonathan C. Jobe

Crescent Valley

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