Editor, Daily Press:

President Trump admitted he knew in January that the COVID-19 coronavirus was virulent and deadly, and could be transmitted by air, but that he didn't inform his fellow Americans of the danger, nor initiate a plan to mitigate its effects because he didn't want them to panic.

Really? He didn't want us to panic? Let that sink in. Americans didn't panic when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Americans pulled together and won a war. When terrorists struck in Oklahoma City, then in New York, the Pentagon, and tried for Washington, D.C., Americans didn't panic. We pulled together, helped our injured, recovered our dead, mourned fervently and with reverent resolve to honor their sacrifice and celebrate their lives.

We were angry at such a useless and unnecessary waste of humanity. Yet, we persevered. Throughout our history, from the Revolutionary War to the present, when called to action by our leaders in the effort of worthy endeavors born out of crisis and necessity, we responded in our steadfast, fervent and reverent resolve to do our part as Americans.

Mr. President, we don't panic.

Roger C. Redden


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