Editor, Daily Press:

I just want to praise the new columnists added to the Daily Press editorial page. You've juiced it up good! And I like the guest writers, too.

The editorial page of Wednesday, Aug. 7, was a particularly good read. Bill Ketter laid out a clear and compelling argument for gun control legislation in the column headlined "The gap between will and weapons." Right below Ketter's column, Steve Fair offered the usual right wing counterargument headlined "Man's heart is the issue." It was not compelling, but it was so elegantly written.

Randy Gibson is a new TDP columnist. He, too, is an extremely lucid writer and a pleasure to read even when he comes to the wrong conclusion - not really, just kidding. Other new columnists are Brent Been and Kathy Tibbits, both fresh voices. Marc Thiessen, a columnist for the Washington Post, is the weakest of the newcomers. His writing has a harsh and grating feel.

Of the four elderly scribblers, Gene Lyons and Dana Milbank should, perhaps, be let out to pasture. Lyons' columns sometimes end up in a muddle, and poor old Milbank can't figure out whether he's a straight-forward writer or a satirist. His attempts at humorous satires ain't funny, McGee.

Let's keep Byron York (I'm not sure why), and we must keep George Will, the master of every subject, whether politics or baseball. Sometimes I can't tell what he's trying to say, but I say let's keep on trying. He's so erudite!

And who else should be kept? Why our esteemed editor, of course. Her personal column is often a little lurid and quite funny, but her editorials are always "fair and balanced."

Bob McQuitty