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I write in response to recent posts on Facebook about the Tahlequah Daily Press. The remarks I saw were negative and a few were directed at Executive Editor Kim Poindexter. I am certain these remarks do not reflect the sentiments of the entire community.

I have considerable service starting with my position as inaugural executive director of Help In Crisis (11 years) to director of the Victim Services Division for the District Attorney's Office from 1995 to 2003. I hold that my long-term community engagement gives me a perspective on the people here.

I have had the privilege of knowing all the TDP editors and most of the staff since 1981. I was married to one of the managing editors, which also gave me insight into the workings of the paper and a sense of how to assess the level of support for TDP in this community.

I met Kim Poindexter in 1985 when she was beginning her career at TDP. My position at Help In Crisis required community education and public relations work. I understood media relations were an important part of building sustainability and effective operations of this service. Running a women's shelter was a tough job, but I learned running a small-town paper is even more so.

Kim helped me by training me and my staff the proper way to create and submit press releases. She conducted workshops at my request with local nonprofits at a conference in 2005. She donated her time and expertise to help those who help others. I know for a fact she and her family regularly donate to various charities. She is a strong advocate using her resources to support good works and this characteristic carries through in her professional life. She works at being fair, but the truth is her muse.

As I have grown my friendship with Kim, I have come to know her character and learn of her passion for the news business. I have learned about the challenges facing a community newspaper, operating with the ethics and integrity to ensure freedom of the press.

I realize what a tightrope she walks every day. That she continues to deliver a quality news source takes energy and fortitude you won't find in many people today. I so believe in her ability and courage, I was part of a team to nominate her for the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.

The culture of an organization is set by its leadership, and I believe TDP and Tahlequah have benefited from Kim's integrity, ethics, and passion for the Fourth Estate. I offer as evidence the awards bestowed on her and all the staff over the years. She is a professional who does not flinch in the face of controversy and who promotes the role of journalists as freedom advocates.

However, the quality I most admire is her sensitivity when she has to print "bad" news about someone. This deeply affects her but she always does the right thing by remembering TDP is our only credible (Facebook is not!) source of news about corruption, violence, social ills, and successes. Tahlequah does support this paper because it is and will continue to be the central point of communication holding our community together. I credit this to the leadership and professionalism of the editor.

@Letter Open, Close:Pam Moore

@Letter Open, Close:Tahlequah

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