Editor, Daily Press:

While we are all awaiting a viable and effective vaccine for COVID-19, what is the value of a 90-percent effective vaccine? If all 360 million American citizens get the vaccine, will they be asking themselves, "Am I going to be one of the 36 million people in the U.S. for whom the vaccine does not work?"

I understand the anxiousness we all feel, and want this pandemic to end. However, I believe it was extremely irresponsible for Pfizer to announce the arrival of its vaccine when only initial tests look promising. There are may labs throughout the world that are working on their own vaccines, when they should be working together. We have been told this vaccine has to be stored at below-freezing temperatures, and that once thawed, its useful life is only so many hours.

Granted, the financial world is full of glee, and Pfizer's stock value is going up, but at what cost to all of us?

Wear masks, social distance, and don't jump at anything that smacks of expediency over true substance and viability. This only makes more sense than racing to a magical potion that may not have substantial and authoritative confirmation.

Roger C. Redden


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