Editor, Daily Press:

During my 37-year law enforcement career in Cherokee County and District 27, I have had the opportunity to observe many officers, deputies, and agents. I recently had the opportunity to observe some of your [Tahlequah] officers while they served an arrest warrant. I witnessed patience, courtesy, and respect in the face of a mentally unstable, irate and demanding citizen.

Each officer exhibited the utmost professionalism and worked in unison in handling this case. They were able to apprehend the individual and handled the individual with respect and dignity. These officers conducted themselves as anyone of us would want our family member treated on a law enforcement contact.

With the current national spotlight highlighting police brutality and use of force issues, I find it only proper to commend our local officers for their exemplary service in the line of duty on June 10, 2020. I would specifically request that officers Bronson McNeil, Randy Jordan, Thomas Donnell and Eldon Graves have this Letter of Commendation added to their permanent file.

It gives me great pride that a department that I dearly respect is providing excellent service to the people of Tahlequah. I can say without hesitation or reservation that had any citizen observed the contact and patience that I did, they would be just as proud.

Jack Goss, Retired District Attorney Senior Investigator

District 27, State of Oklahoma

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