Editor, Daily Press:

Good for the Tahlequah Daily Press giving coverage to the complaint about non-mask wearing by Post Office clerks and the PO's response. The complaint was made by David Cornsilk, who spent a day trying to register his complaint with the PO. I referred David to https://usps.force.com/emailus/s/, where he can file his complaint, and I hope he does.

The response from the PO was that they are following PO established policy, which states that employees must wear masks when they cannot keep proper social distance from others. Maybe this policy is not always being followed. I tend to believe Mr. Cornsilk when he says it is not; I have heard the same complaint from others.

Also I would also like to point out that keeping a "social distance" from others will stop COVID transmission if you are outside, but not if you are inside. When we speak or even breath, we release moisture into the air. This is in the form of droplets that fall to the ground within 6 feet or so, but the moisture release is also in the form of aerosols which are tiny particles. Those tiny particles float around in an enclosed space many feet away and linger in stagnant air for many hours.

A mask blocks the release of droplets and aerosols. Without a mask, aerosols drift many feet away and linger for hours inside, thus postal employees should always wear a mask when inside the post office.

George Fulk


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