Editor, Daily Press:

I was too young to serve in World War II, so when the Oklahoma 45th Division was reactivated after WWII, I joined. The division, with a large group of Native American soldiers, was activated during the Korean War and sent to Korea. I am a combat disabled infantryman and served with many minority servicemen and found them honorable and brave.

As a child before WWII, I lived in a town in the South and was shocked, probably because my grandfather was angry and appalled at the peoples' actions toward Black people. The merchants were happy to sell products to them, but wouldn't let them use any of their facilities, water fountains, restrooms or eating. Black people had to be out of town by sundown. My grandfather had a small fruit market and gave them fruit and let them use his water fountain and restroom.

My wife is Native American, and after returning from service, my wife, children and I were discriminated against in many places, including even church and schools.

Trump planned to invoke the Insurrection Act for the recent picketing over the murder of a Black man by a policeman. Trump's plan was criticized by military leaders and other leaders of the country and most Republican Congress members didn't agree, but Sen. Tom Cotton, Arkansas Republican, came out strongly backing Trump.

These extreme race haters have taken us back to the generation where "no Blacks are allowed after sundown," and they need voting out of office.

Edward V. Harris


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