Editor, Daily Press:

Minutes after the House of Representatives passed the Impeachment Resolution Inquiry, House Republicans offered a public response to the vote. House Minority-Leader Kevin McCarthy gave two reasons why the House should not have passed this resolution. Firstly, he attacked the process, saying that the rules were designed to benefit Democrats, and secondly, he said that there was no evidence of guilt, and that Democrats need to look at evidence before coming to conclusions.

I am troubled by the Representative's response, because these two arguments are not compatible with each other. The first argues that Republicans are open to impeachment if the rules are fair to the minority party. The second argues that Trump is not guilty of wrongdoing; therefore, the House does not need to investigate him.

If McCarthy truly believed that his only concern was the process, why wouldn't he admit that Trump's phone call with Zelensky was suspicious and deserved inquiry, just not in the way that the Democrats presented it. If his only concern was the president was not guilty, why would he bring up the process at all?

It is clear that House Republicans, such as Kevin McCarthy, do not care about the process at all because they have already made their own conclusions. McCarthy is doing everything he can to stonewall this investigation. Perhaps he fears that impeachment powers would unearth irrefutable evidence of presidential misconduct requiring a Senate conviction, a worst-case scenario for House Republicans who are all up for reelection.

Brian D. King


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