Editor, Daily Press:

Thank you, Sheriff Chennault, for standing up for our Second Amendment rights.

We refute the claim made in “calls from people who worried the ‘sanctuary’ status would invite the wrong kind of people into the area – such as those who engaged in the Jan. 6 riot in Washington, D.C.” In fact, the riot involved a handful of people and started before President Trump had even ended his speech.

We all have to bear in mind that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns. We must remember that a recent law change here in Oklahoma allows those who wish to carry firearms in public to do so without a conceal carry permit. That is a recognition of one of our rights, as individuals, under the U.S. Constitution – rights that should never be taken away.

Your declaration of Cherokee County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County is indeed a step in the right direction and for the right reasons. Please keep up the good work for the people of Cherokee County.

John E. Dick and A.C. Cargill


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