Editor, Daily Press:

What an impressive display of educational innovation (Students Acquit American Revolutionaries, TDP, March 23, 2021)!

I suspect there are many such stories in public schools across Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and the rest of the nation, but the one reported on in today's edition of the TDP was so magnificent it deserves comment.

My brother was on the debate team in high school, so when I first looked at the pictures, I thought I was looking at high school students, especially given the headline. On closer inspection of the picture, I could tell it was a younger group, but fifth grade? I was frankly blown away at the creative combination of history, civics, language skills and speech – all separate classes when I was in school, and I suspect never came close to this when I was in the fifth grade.

As to debate preparation, as mentioned, my brother was on the team, and I witnessed the hours of preparation required to “make your case.” This type of classroom activity gives me hope for the future. Kudos to the kids, educators and parents who supported this activity. Well done!

Robert Lee


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