Editor, Daily Press:

One doesn’t have to travel far to discover that Tahlequah is an island of high gas prices. Surrounding towns have significantly lower gas prices, in the range of 20 cents to as much as 45 cents per gallon.

I was in Grove, and they had gas there for $2.45; here in Tahlequah at that time, it was $2.82, and it has gone up a few pennies since. The QT in Wagoner is always lower than any retailer here, and if you have a Reasor’s gas card, you know that one and Muskogee are the closest locations to get the discount. At current prices, it is worth the drive!

My question is why – what is the difference? Love’s here has gas for $2.84 a gallon, while Love’s on Highway 412 has it for $2.45, so different wholesalers doesn’t explain it. No, something seems out of line at the retail level. I estimate they are making $5-$10 a fill-up more, on average, than outlying vendors. That is a pretty good chunk of change going in someone’s pocket.

Can anyone explain that? I can’t.

Robert Lee


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