Editor, Daily Press:

A little brown dog has been dropped off and left on our country road (888). The sad thing is, he is not the only one. Frequently, many dogs have been left on our road to suffer and die because no one wants them. Today, I see five more dogs left to starve to death.

This poor little brown dog has been in the same place over three weeks now, where his owner left him, waiting for his master to come and get him. He is not full grown, and a sweet dog and always happy to see me when I go down and feed him every day. I cannot feed six dogs. I have two dogs and a cat and cannot take him home with me. I hoped that someone would pick him up and give him a new home. However, it seems no on wants him.

We all have dogs here along this road. It is pathetic to see that he is still in the same place, waiting for his master to come back for him. I almost cry every time I see him. But I must feed him and go. I have called vets and members of the Tahlequah SPCA [Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals]. They all tell me they cannot take him. No one will take him. It breaks my heart.

When you adopt a dog, he is yours to care for and love for his life, not just until you are tired of him. What is wrong with people who can be so calloused that they can drop off their "pet child" and leave him to starve to death and wither away and finally crawl into the woods and die? This is a tragedy of huge proportions because it happens so often, and there are so many dogs who meet this end on just our road. The owner should be fined for doing this to a poor, helpless animal.

Why can't this community fund an SPCA that could help when this happens so often? They told me they could only take small dogs to send to Chicago. This community needs to look at this problem and fund a working SPCA that could actually help these helpless dogs, and perhaps, if there were a place to take them, they wouldn't be left by the roadside to die.

Muskogee has a very good working SPCA. Why can't Tahlequah?

Marguerite Day


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