Editor, Daily Press:

Well, it looks like the “politically correct” police have gotten to Northeastern State University.

While driving home from Tulsa Tuesday night, I heard on the news that NSU was going to change its athletic teams from the Redmen. I almost drove off the road!

It’s too bad a few people, like some activist group or the American Civil Liberties Union, can make policy for our universities. But since the administration at NSU has capitulated to the minority activists, I have some ideas for the new mascot. The “Panty Waists” or the “Pink Panties” might be appropriate. Maybe the “Bigfoot in the Mouths” might work for you.

I bet if a poll were taken right here in Tahlequah, few people are offended by the term “Redmen.” Just remember that you’re not going to satisfy everyone with the change. Someone will object to most anything, so don’t try to make everyone happy.

Richard Goforth


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