Editor, Daily Press:

I would like to personally thank and commend Officer Robert Jones of the Tahlequah Police Department.

My husband got stranded on the bypass the day before Thanksgiving, when the fuel filter went out on his truck. I drove up where he was and we were trying to figure out what to do. The next thing that happened was a TPD officer pulled in behind us. He introduced himself and asked if we needed help. Yes, we did need help!

He was off duty, and said it sounded like a fuel filter issue. He actually got underneath the truck with my husband (clear of traffic) and diagnosed the problem. He then called O'Reilly [Auto Parts] and had them put aside the correct fuel filter. I drove there and purchased it and brought it back. Officer Jones got under the truck and helped when we had no one to help us. He said it was his duty. I said, "But you're off duty." He told me his duty was to serve the people of Tahlequah, whether on duty or off.

I am so taken aback at his kindness and helping spirit. In a time when (some) people say bad things about the police, I say TPD officer Jones is a true public servant! He didn't have to stop. He didn't have to pull over and help, but he did. Today, I am thankful for Officer Robert Jones. He is a true hero to me. He truly serves and protects the citizens of Tahlequah. Hero!

Jana Deaton


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