Editor, Daily Press:

For a smart man, there may be a whole heck of a lot that Jon Jobe doesn’t understand, but on the other hand, his goading letters are essential to the health of a democracy.

Most of us tend to go along taking things for granted and thinking as little as possible about what goes on around us, the values we live by, the way the world works, the things we believe, etc. We live our own little settled lives and try not to give offense nor rock the boat of social complicity.

The world could be collapsing around us as though an earthquake had struck, and unless somebody had the presence of mind to shout, “Duck and cover!” our natural tendency is to ignore the problem and maybe it will go away. Let somebody else worry about it and think what to do. Let the government handle it; that’s what we elected them for. Don’t bother me!

As a matter of fact, the world actually is collapsing around us today, and we are in the middle of a world social, financial, and economic disaster, and it is next to impossible to get anybody to even talk about it. The truth is that those today who expect everything to go along the way they want it to, while they sit uncaring on the sidelines, are living in a fool’s paradise.

That is where people like Jon Jobe, the Koch Brothers – and even me, for that matter – fit in. They force us to think and examine the world around us when we would rather sit back and watch some mindless movie or ballgame on TV, the opiate of the masses. What they say drives us crazy, and sometimes it drives us into the arms of a superman who promises to save us, but after we go through hell, we eventually get around to thinking about the problems and taking action.

I didn’t see the letter from Sheryl Mast that Jon wrote about in the May 4 Daily Press, but I would probably have agreed with her. Nevertheless, many years of experience in the real world have convinced me to always give very serious consideration to whatever the opposition has to say. Jon made some important points we should not ignore. We have become an over-regulated society, and we need to think what we should do about it. The government is a follower, not a leader. It always follows along after the public makes up its mind, not before.

One of my favorite books is “Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal!” by Joel Salatin. I’m sure Jon is suggesting we think about things like that once in a while.

Fred Gibson


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