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To stake and prune … those are the questions. Every gardener has his or her own method for pruning their tomato plants. Gardeners also have an opinion on whether or not tomato plants need staking. Here are some of the advantages.

Near-record flooding has cost some local farmers nearly everything, but a meeting with the United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency seemed to ease some people's minds.

Allen Dowd, left, Ryan Johnston and Clint Wilcox discuss the ins and outs of the Diversified Crop Insurance program's Prevented Planting claim…

An irrigation machine lies twisted in a flood-damaged field south of Fort Gibson.

Stan Sheffield of S&J Farms inspects farm records he's trying to dry. The farm office, plus hundreds of acres of wheat and corn, were dama…

Brian Sheffield shows how flooding overwhelmed crops on the family farm south of Fort Gibson. 

FORT GIBSON — "There's not going to be a corn crop," Fort Gibson farmer Dick Sheffield said. "The Arkansas River claimed everything up and down the river."