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While November's turnout in Cherokee County was a not-too-shabby 67 percent, the overall turnout here a week ago Tuesday was less than 7 percent. That's dismal in anyone's book.


Incumbent Ward 2 Tahlequah City Councilor Dr. Charles Carroll was defeated in Tuesday's municipal election by challenger Dower Combs, while DeAnna Hammons won the city clerk's job in a two-way race.

Candidates seeking the job of retiring Tahlequah City Clerk Deb Corn during a Friday forum offered reasons why they felt qualified for the $46…

Candidates for Tahlequah city positions up for voter consideration in the Feb. 14 municipal election explained during a forum Thursday night why they want to serve.

Four of the city's elected leaders, including the chief of police, appear to have latched on to a new term in office without drawing opponents, while races are set for city clerk and Ward 2's council slot.