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Contact information for the Tahlequah Daily Press

Managing Editor: Kim Poindexter

Sales Consultants for Advertising:

Lisa Pinnick

Heather Ruotolo

Marci Diaz Apple

Multimedia Editor: Sheri Gourd

Classified Manager: 

918-456-8833, ext. 25

Circulation Department:

918-456-8833, ext. 25 or

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Other Press contact information:

Newsroom (For general news items, school news, community announcements, birth, engagements, anniversaries, etc.):

918-456-8833, ext. 20 or

Sports Desk (For sports questions, announcements, info, etc.):

918+456-8833, ext. 22 or

Classifieds (To learn about classified advertising):

918-456-8833, ext. 11 or



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